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Introduction: Guelph Poets Society

Finding your way through words

This phrase perfectly captures the primary objective of 'Guelph Poets Society' - one of the University of Guelph's newest clubs. The club’s co-presidents Elisa, Shania and Nidhi are second-year students who have a passion for writing and meeting new people. In this time of virtual learning and isolation, they wanted to bring together students from all years, majors and backgrounds with a common interest in poetry, whether it be through writing, reading, listening to or performing!

They hope for this club to become a safe space where members can use poetry as an outlet for expression, make connections, discover new perspectives and find their inner voices. Each Microsoft Teams meeting of the club comes with writing prompts, suggested readings and performances and serves as a great way to interact and make new friends!

The club’s Instagram, @uog_poets, focuses on sharing a mix of modern poetry and classic literature while learning about the poets who so eloquently put together the featured poems every week. “Tuesday’s Talent” is an opportunity for club members to share their pieces and “Throwback Thursday” includes a famous poem, along with some interesting facts on the poet to fill students’ feeds with art and to build confidence and following for aspiring poets within the club!

Given the range of themes, structures and diversity within poetry, the club has divided the term into themes, associating them to initiatives going on around us. Within each theme, we try to cover different styles of poetry either during the meeting or with our recommendations. The first theme they are focussing on is mental health, a subject close to their hearts, followed by love poetry, drawing attention to societal issues, and poetry about the discovery of self, among others.

Many new opportunities are to come in the coming months, so keep your eyes open! Guelph Poets Society hopes to use metaphors and imagery to spread positivity, encourage openness and support its members as they find their path to self-discovery. They are excited for the road ahead and incredibly grateful for the support they have received thus far.

They are always looking for new ideas and stories, so don’t hesitate to contact poets@uoguelph.ca with any suggestions or questions. As the members are what makes this club the creative and engaging place it is, here are some pieces of poetry from our members!

Thank you for reading!

Elisa, Shania, and Nidhi


Guelph Poets Society

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