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In The Spotlight: Art Apart

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Art Apart is a project started by Kim Martin and her research team (Rashmeet Kaur, Micheala Rye, Margarita Wilson, and Sophia Lago) dedicated to preserving the art community during these unprecedented times of virtual meetings and physical distancing. This virtual space has become a great way of featuring work by Canadian creatives who are bringing the community together through their artwork. You can check it out here.

I (Rashmeet) am amazed at the variety of artwork that folks have been creating during the pandemic. We’ve had submissions from all across Canada, ranging from the most exquisite paintings to intricate glass feathers to elaborate macrame wall hangings.

Quite recently, we had a submission from Rachel Brown, who has been capturing her COVID-19 experience in tiny glass time capsules. In the tiny quarantime capsules (pun very much intended!), she depicted toilet paper rolls and masks among other things - and for the first time in a while, I had a good laugh! It was hilarious to me that when we look back at this time many years in the future that we will reflect on the toilet paper hoarding that took place in the initial stage of the pandemic.

"It's always easier to deal with heavy issues when you can shrink them down, contain them, and sprinkle them with humor." - Rachel Brown

Sid Drmay’s beautiful sewn artwork served as a reminder of the skills that have been reemerging as a response to quarantine, a sentiment that was expressed by many of the Canadian creatives when sending in their work. I was (and still am) in awe of Sid’s skills because I cannot begin to fathom how pieces of fabric can come to life as garments and bags.

“Being able to sit down with some pieces of fabric and then have something beautiful at the end is incredibly rewarding.” - Sid Drmay

During the pandemic, some of the artwork coming in has given me time to reflect on the ‘simpler times’ as Chris Glabb puts it. However, other pieces have caused me to reflect in a different way - about the things I want to try in the near future, like matcha green tea. Thank you Anna Do! It has been inspiring to see the recurring theme of slowing down (on which Kim wrote a beautiful post about weaving) and taking care of ourselves and others.

“Everyday I try to find time for drawing, taking care of my mind, body and skin.” - Anna Do

Reading the responses and being able to share the artwork created by such talented individuals has been genuinely fulfilling. We are still accepting submissions and you can submit your artwork (mixed media, photography, painting, pottery, weaving, baking, makeup… pretty much anything you can imagine) through this Google form: http://tiny.cc/art-apart. We can’t wait to see, and share, what you create!


A collection of artwork submitted by Canadian creatives!

First row (left to right): “Scarlett” by Salma Nasreldin (@sam_artisan); “Feathers” by Jennifer Kelly (@jenniferakelly); “Frankie” by Ann Brown (@Theurbanfeather)

Second row (left to right): Artwork by Jen Refat (@crafticland); “What Does it Look Like to Collaborate” by Ahmri and Abby (@otherwisestudios); “QuaranTime Capsules” by Rachel Brown (@spellcasterdesigns)

Third row (left to right): "The Crappening" by David Lindsay Hunt; “Soliman Bay Study II” by Mary Calarco (@mary.calarco); "A Cup of Matcha" by Anna Do

Fourth row (left to right): “Big Oil” by Chris Glabb (@chrisglabbart); A handmade backpack by Sid Drmay (@cyborggarbage); “Unconditionality” by Chantal Dupuis (@chantaldupuis.art)

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