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A Tale From a Pumpkin with One Brain Cell

The following story is a collaborative tale created during our "Spooky Collaborative Story" event that took place on Microsoft Teams by Hannah Pecyna, Anna Golding, and Nicole Mior on October 27, 2020.

A tale from a pumpkin with one brain cell

It was a dark quiet night, and all of silence except for a cackle from the witch in her hole

She was making potions with the eyeballs of her captures

She threw in some bats and put on her plastic vampire teeth to go out on the town

Her coldrine (pot) was filled with the captures blood, which she was serving to the town

When the towns people drank the blood, their meat fell off of their bones

All of the townspeople were buried and their gravestones were marked with meat that falls right off the bone

If the story were to be made a movie, it would surpass even that of hocus pocus

And everyone that watched it would have nightmares that would turn them into skeletons

They would end up spending their Friday nights drinking fog and eating cobwebs

The language they used was the word boo in different octaves

And when they ran out of words they would talk through their eyeballs

When they went to sleep, they would take out their eyeballs and put them on their moonlit windowsill

And sweet dreams would only be had If a knife was placed under their pillow.

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