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A Welcome Letter from the 2020/2021 Editors

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hi, friend! Welcome to Kaleidoscope's new website and online blog.

With our update, we remain as dedicated as ever to being a platform for University of Guelph students to publish their writing and works of art. With the COVID-19 pandemic in effect, we are sad to report that we are unable to sell published copies at this time. Instead, we have decided that now is a better time than ever to revamp our online presence and find new ways to bring the arts community together and establish a more engaged website.

As a result, Kaleidoscope has made the decision to expand our content beyond images of visual art and written poetry in our print magazines. This means online events (stay tuned for our upcoming zine collaborations!) as well as introducing a digital blog component to the website that welcomes new types of submissions.

These will include a place to share:

  • Reviews

  • Personal essays

  • Interviews

  • Short stories

  • Scripts

  • Poetry

  • Lyrics

  • Zines

  • Songs

  • Visual art

  • Photography

  • Anything else you are interested in that relates to the arts!

Whether you’re a student interested in applying to an arts related post-grad, pursuing publishing in established literary magazines or organizations, or simply want a community to share your talents and hobbies, we highly encourage you to submit. Kaleidoscope is a safe space that is inclusive and welcoming, making our platform an opportunity to give your work an audience and to expand your academic and professional experience.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this update! We are looking forward to collaborating with emerging artists and developing a space to publish and share all of your wonderful creations.

To submit, please visit our "submit" page and follow the instructions provided.

With love,

Emma Ongman and Nicole Mior

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